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Rectifier Monitoring System

Rectifier Monitoring System

Product number: ZL200
The system is a cost-effective solution for rectifying automation and computer monitoring in chemical and aluminum electrolysis rectifier stations.

  • Able to realize remote communication, remote measurement, remote control and remote adjustment of all rectifying and related equipment in the rectification station

  • Recording, printing and inquiry of real-time/history data, operations, trend graphs and reports, etc.

  • Full integration of rectifying control, computer monitoring and user production management, with simple and easy interface and convenient operation

  • Host computer workstation, allows multiple redundancies with multiple PCs in parallel operation

  • A variety of industrial field buses and fiber optic cable communication network, with redundant configuration of double-network or loop networks

  • Allowing data communication with various PLC or third-party monitoring systems

  • Remote monitoring and maintenance of rectifying equipment is available via Internet