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Diode Rectifier Control System

Diode Rectifier Control System

Product Number: ZZX10
This system provides user-friendly PLC control of diode rectifiers via a customer friendly touch screen HMI. It is based on a specialized saturable reactor current stabilization controller.

  • Able to provide general control for rectifier series comprising multiple rectifying units such as electrochemical and electrometallurgy rectification stations

  • A general human-machine interface with touch screen, to realize remote operation, fault alarming and status display for all rectifying power supply equipment in the rectifying station

  • Current setting for each unit and the rectifier series, and automatic current stabilization adjustment and control for the closed-loop of the series

  • Integrated automatic control for voltage ups and downs of load switches in each and every unit

  • Data collection and monitoring of the series, protection for over-current, DC open circuit, deviation, etc. in the series

  • Network data communication with Ethernet or other interfaces with the comprehensive automation system in the host computer