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High Power Rectifiers

High Power Rectifiers

We offer a wide range of customized systems for current rectification. According to the requirements of each customer, the rectifiers are available with diode or thyristor technology, different cooling methods, different enclosure types and the full range of current and voltage values. The maximum output voltage is 2000Vdc, the maximum DC output current is 220kA. Process currents of up to 600kA can be achieved by connecting several rectifiers in parallel. All products are designed for harsh industrial environments and products for both indoor and outdoor installation are available.

General Features

  • PLC both at rectifier site and in the control chamber

  • Operation system with touch screen

  • Dual digital controllers for current adjustment, offering redundancy

  • Relay protection: PLC is able to monitor and be used to operate all equipment configured with the rectifier cabinet, offering protection against low water pressure, high water temperature, overheated phase leg, damaged silicon component, breaking of multiple fast fuses, overvoltage breakdown, reduced insulation, etc.

Special Features of Thyristor Rectifier

  • Fully digital control system and double sets of hot-standby, accuracy of constant current higher than 0.5%

  • AC or DC feedback and manual or automatic switch without disturbances

  • Synchronous lost lock

  • On-line parameter setting

  • Automatic monitoring through host computer

  • Forced current sharing with a current sharing coefficient >0.9

Indoor Rectifiers

Co-phase counter-parallel connection, compact in structure, easy and convenient maintenance

Satisfactory current sharing coefficient, high reliability, low losses

Widely applicable to chemical industries and aluminum electrolysis

Enclosure-less Rectifiers

Self-supporting without any enclosure

Co-phase counter-parallel connection, no eddy current losses

Compact structure, occupying less space but achieving higher efficiency

Modular Rectifiers

Standardized modular rectifier units, interchangeable, convenient maintenance

Co-phase counter-parallel connection and horizontal structure result in low loss and excellent heat dissipation

Two-side clamping installation to ensure stable pressing and operation of high

power components

Fully Enclosed Rectifiers

Entirely-sealed enclosure design, to prevent dust invasion and airflow between inside and outside of the cabinet

Water-air cooling system to lower the temperature inside the sealed cabinet

Protection level:IP52/IP54

Polarized Rectifier Cabinets

Separately located anode and cathode busbars with a distance longer than 1m, to

eliminate the anode and cathode flashover and improve safety

Two-side clamping installation of components and fast fuse, to shorten busbar length and enhance rectifying efficiency

The AC input busbar is in precise correspondence to the co-phase counter-parallel output positions on the rectifier transformer valve side, to facilitate installation connection

Optimized appearance with enclosure-less self-supporting or aluminum alloy cabinet

Able to meet high safety and reliability requirements of super high current and high voltage aluminum electrolytic rectifiers