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Thyristor Rectifier Control System

Thyristor Rectifier Control System

Product Number: KZX10/20
The system provides PLC based comprehensive monitoring and control, and uses a double digital current stabilization trigger to control thyristor rectifiers. It includes a customer friendly touch screen HMI.

  • JM810 high-reliability current stabilization smart control core module

  • Fully digital dual-channel redundancy hot standby, allowing undisturbed charged switching

  • Self-diagnosis, smart control and protection in case of failures such as asynchronous signals, AC/DC feedbacks and triggering pulse, etc.

  • PLC monitoring and human-machine interface with touch screen, with reliable control and protection as well as easy and friendly operation management

  • Easy and convenient maintenance through online setting, online replacement and online copying

  • Industrial field bus and fiber optic cable communication network, which easily realize comprehensive automation of the rectifying station

  • Highly crafted manufacturing and EMC modularized design ensure adaptation to severe environments of metallurgical and chemical industries

  • Optical fiber triggering pulse and multiple measures for current-recovery protection, offering higher safety and reliability